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We, at COMODITY FUTURES are committed to help you grow your money. We intend to guide you make money either as a short-term trader or as a long-term investor or both. We are dedicated to give you informed advice regarding your investments. Our goal is to provide you more and more opportunities to earn your best by our tips. We provide you services on Intraday Comodity and finally the one in which all are interested. Our team is highly skilled with experienced analysis. Our efforts are to provide you more & more profit in every trade. The best way to invest in stocks is by buying them before they are heavily promoted and hyped up in price. If u gets into the stock at the early phase you could make a fortune. Once u knows which stocks are being heavily promoted you can buy them ahead of the big profit and wait to cash in. You buy the stock at low price and wait for the price to rise so u can cash out big.

We provide our services through SMS & YAHOO MESSENGER, according to your convenience… This site is purely created to provide technical & financial information to the people to earn from Indian stock market. Services Low Brokerage Trading Account for Equities / Commodities / Currencies Brokerage details: Brokerage charges are chargeable for buying and selling Buying 1paisa, selling 1 paisa, Options buying Rs.30, Selling Rs.30 Disclaimer: Our calls are based on instant market movement. If the money and risk is not managed correctly, then traders and short term investors can land up in losses. We are not responsible for any losses that can occur due to volatility and stop loss violation. I do not have any personal positions any time on the recommendation made for the intra-day calls. However, it is possible that our Live Market Calls subscriber's could have positions and trading positions without our knowledge and consent. We also don't have any control on our client reverse positions if they have created against our recommendation. Individual traders, implementers of the trading call are doing it at their own risk.

We also don't have any control on our subscriber's positions. Traders are advised to check their cost in long and short trades and keep taking profits irrespective of our targets. What matter is trading profits therefore check cost and keep taking profits. TRADING STRATEGY: FOR TRADERS WHO TRADES IN MINIMUM 3 LOTS:- WHEN TGT1 REACHED BOOK PROFIT IN ONE LOT AND MODIFY SL TO COST IN OTHERS 2 LOTS, WHEN TGT2 REACHES, BOOK 2ND LOT AND MODIFY SL TO TGT1 IN 3RD LOT.. WHEN TGT3 REACHES EXIT 3RD LOT OR MODIFY SL TO TGT2 AND CONTINUE FURTHER……….. WHEN SL HITS EXIT ALL LOTS. FOR TRADERS WHO TRADES IN ONLY ONE LOT:- BOOK PROFIT AT TGT 1 OR MODIFY SL TO COST AND CONTINUE FOR FURTHER TGTS…… WHEN SL HIT EXITS. For more details visit --

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